imagesThe television drones in the background.  I’d like to watch that Game of Thrones episode for the eighth time, but I can’t now because I have to work on my script.  Or do I?  I guess it doesn’t really matter if the main character says “We are” or “We’re” in this particular moment.  Besides, my nineteenth favorite song is playing on Spotify.  I need to dance around the room.  Maybe I’ll work on the feature instead of the TV spec.  Or maybe I should work on my pitch for a new manager.  Damn, look at the laundry piling up.  I only have 24 hours until I have to go back to the day job from hell.  How can I concentrate when I have so much to do? Oh, look– something shiny.  Focus, Gayle.  FOCUS.

Has this ever happened to you?  You KNOW what you need to do.  But for some reason you are not doing it.  Sit down and write, damn it.  The lack of focus is a script killer.  Many writers do not outline. They may have some notes, but they basically let the words flow and the characters roam around for pages until they find the exit.  There is no clear goal or story direction.  A lot of meandering.   There is a lot of value to that sort of stream of conscious flowing, however when it is time to write you have to follow a clear, focused goal one step at a time. A concentrated effort leads to success or, in the words of Nike  “Just do it.”  So why can’t I?  I have rewrites that I absolutely need to do before I can send any of my new stuff out.  Even writing this post is causing some agita.  But that’s not what I need to focus on.   I have done the work; not my first time at the rodeo.  But it is the first time in over a dozen years when I am without representation.  So I have to get back to work by getting a new rep.  Not an easy task by any stretch.   I have a fear of failing.  So perhaps my subconscious futzing around is designed to delay a nerve-wracking necessity.

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