“In Hollywood the woods are full of people that learned to write, but evidently can’t read. If they could read their stuff they’d stop writing.”  – Will Rogersknight-164144__180

Thanks, Will.  Put up or shut up, right?

Here are sample .pdf pages of my work.  TV and features.  I have more.  A lot more.  Shorts, plays, etc.   I write constantly, but I am not sure that’s always a good thing.   I am actually embarrassed by how many completed screenplays I have that are reader ready.  Oh well–  For what it’s worth, this is a taste of what I can do.  For more information or loglines, pages, treatments or complete scripts just drop me a line.


Television Pilots – one hour drama

Beardsley Hall –  A sixteen-year-old townie scholarship student at an elite boarding school discovers her destiny is to prevent the prophesied End of Days by controlling the demons who seek to start Armageddon.  I see this working as a graphic novel

Immortal – An L.A. detective discovers the man he suspects of being a serial killer is a resurrected Egyptian mummy.

Interpol – FBI agent Andrea “Andie” Naismith transfers to Interpol to obtain classified information on the mysterious death of her CIA agent husband and becomes trapped in the labyrinth of international espionage.

Interpol U.K. – The team tasked with tracking and catching international fugitives in the United Kingdom is lead by an alcoholic agent dealing with postpartum depression.

The Guilty – An African-American female detective arrives in a small Oregon town and quickly gets swept up in her first case, unraveling the disappearance of a teenage girl that resembles the town’s only unsolved murder from 1998.

The Mayor of Hollywoodland – A movie executive in 1930s Hollywood serves as its “fixer” protecting the studio’s profits and people at the risk of losing his family and his soul.

Tsar Beginning with the Russo-Japanese War in 1904, Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra and their family fight to survive a changing world caught in the grip of revolution .


Billie – INDIE DRAMA – Romeo & Juliet with a twist.  A transgender teen girl develops a crush on a popular but troubled high school classmate which leads to tragic consequences.

Brilliant Sea – INDIE DRAMA – An aging artist, the former l’enfant terrible of the New York art scene learns he is going blind and must find a way to accept the changes in his future by reconciling his past.

Mail Order Man – ROMANTIC COMEDY – A relationship-adverse chef’s life is turned upside down after her niece and nephew order a hot, young Greek mail order husband off the internet.

Mammon’s Waltz – SUPERNATURAL THRILLER –  A fallen priest is tasked to find a runaway teen involved in a cult who may have brought the devil himself to a Louisiana parish.

Three Brothers– COMEDY –  They accidentally kill a friend and bury his body.  Only this friend swallowed a million dollars in cocaine and his partners want it back.  Easier said than done because when the brothers go to dig up the body, it’s gone.   They have one night and all of London to find it.