In a country that looks for any excuse to have a holiday from the traditional religious and secular occasions to days of recognition like National Find A Rainbow Day (April 3rd) or Responsible Dog Ownership Day (third Saturday in September) it should come as no surprise that January 5th is National Screenwriters Day and yes, this a thing.


National Screenwriters Day was founded by, as mostly a marketing ploy to get more people to sign up for their program (yikes – that slipped out.  I mean– ahem, in my opinion) but more than that, its purpose is to recognize the many talented writers who go unrecognized for all the hard work it takes to churn out the pages for screenplay and television scripts in the entertainment industry. The Registrar at National Day Calendar declared National Screenwriters Day in July of 2016.

It’s a cool idea and a way to remind audiences and loved ones that movies and TV shows do not write themselves.  Considering it is less than two years old, there may not be a lot of people celebrating this year.  School is still open and there will be mail delivery, but you have to start somewhere.


Go to to find out the latest updates and see interviews with working writers. Look up the origins of your favorite movie and see who the screenwriter is. Send a shout out using #NationalScreenwritersDay on social media.

Join National Day Calendar & for #NationalScreenWritersDay Twitter Party on January 5 @ 10 AM PT Noon CT for a chance to win prizes.

Every day is a good day to watch a movie and hug a writer, but on National Screenwriters Day a lot more people may join in.


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