Dr. Mae Jemison

The first African-American female astronaut — how many people know that?  Right.  So the next time you hear someone bitch and whine about why there is a Black History Month remind them of people like Dr. Jemison who did what no one ever thought she could.  Remind them of her quote:

Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imaginations.

And while you’re at it, remind yourself.  Because that goes for emerging screenwriters, too.  Never limit your voice because of what someone else says.  If you want to write an extended science fantasy opera then do it.  There may be no takers on the front end, but if it is done well someone will want it… somewhere.  Or if  you want to write a hip-hop musical about Alexander Hamilton starring a culturally diverse cast… forget it, it’s already been done.  But you get my point.  Dream your dreams without fear, then go make them come true.

CELEBRATE BLACK HISTORY MONTH by remembering someone who did what others said they couldn’t.


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